Paul Ryan 1949-2016

2016 is being a real sonofabitch. David Bowie, Lemmy, Dave Mirra, Harper Lee. And now comics artist Paul Ryan. Although I’ve enjoyed the work of all these people, Ryan is the only one I’ve ever met.

May 9, 2010 was Avengers Day. The event Siege had recently concluded and a new Avengers #1 was hitting stands. My local shop, That’s Entertainment, invited former Avengers artist Paul Ryan to meet fans, sign books, and draw. I won’t act like we had some grand relationship; our conversation consisted of small talk and a simple exchange.

“Could you do a sketch for me?”
“Sure, who would you like?”
“Who’s your favorite bad guy?”

And off he went.

Dr. Doom by Paul Ryan

The sketch is still one of my favorites.

As time goes on, the comics industry keeps losing more of its veterans. Except Stan Lee. Stan Lee will never die. (You hear me, God?!)

What I want to say is, make sure you recognize these people while you still can. Even if you don’t have something to get sign or want to buy anything from them, if you see someone whose work you appreciate at a convention, let them know. No one has ever regretted telling an artist they enjoy their work. And no artist can ever hear too much praise.

Bells’ Art Collection, Part 2

Hey y’all. For those who were here last week, welcome back. For those who weren’t, you’ve stumbled on the second in a series of posts showing off all the comic art I’ve collected over the past few years. Eight pieces a week for seven weeks.

Last week’s pieces can be seen here.

And those with no patience can see the whole collection on the Bells’ Kitchen Tumblr.

Featured this week:

  • Dark Phoenix by Roger Andrews
  • Delirium (from Sandman) by Becky Cloonan
  • Doctor Doom by Paul Ryan
  • Dodge (from Locke and Key) by Janet K. Lee
  • Dodola (from Habibi) by Craig Thompson
  • Echo by David Mack
  • Emma Frost by Becky Cloonan
  • The Flash by Andrew Charipar

Clicking any of the images will open a gallery, which also links to full-size images.

That’s all for now. See you next Tuesday.

– Bells