The NECA: National Eighties Cartoon Association

Two posts ago, I posted a link and some images of a mashup of the NFL and Marvel Comics. Because I love that stuff. And I’ve got another one.

Vanilla BCN is a “graphic commando unit” from Spain. They’ve done work for Nike, Google, and Target. But as much as I love Target, I love the NBA more. And Vanilla BCN must too. They recently unveiled a set of designs combining NBA logos with 80’s cartoon franchises. As luck would have it, they managed to combine my favorite entry from each category: the Boston Celtics and the Ghostbusters.

Boston Celtics Ghostbusters by Vanilla BCN

Full disclosure, I am bothered by the relocation of my favorite sports team to such a rival city. But … it’s the Ghostbusters. I love the Ghostbusters. One of the greatest surprises of my time living in the NY/NJ area was when, on my way to a Tegan and Sara concert, I stumbled upon that glorious firehouse.

Ghostbusters Firehouse

So, I’ll let that one slide.

Other logos used the Cleveland Cavaliers. They used The Flintstones. You can see the whole set on their site, but there’s one more I want to show. Inspector Gadget is definitely a lanky dummy, but I’ll never forget the Seattle Supersonics. The first sports team I was really into.

Sonics Inspector Gadget