Terry Dodson’s Boston FOLLOW UP!

Last month, I appreciated Terry Dodson’s drawings of Boston in Avenging Spider-Man #9. Well, issue #10 came out yesterday and I am very excited. Anyone who has driven across the Zakim has seen a large banner with a Celtics logo facing the Garden. Despite a number of Google searches, I can’t quite tell what the building is. Celts’ offices? Not related at all? I don’t know. But it’s iconic. To me.

I did a Google search for a good picture, but why not let Dodson show you?

Celtics Logo at Lovejoy Wharf

My Boston Celtics. Avenging Spider-Man #10.

I’m a bit iffy on the building on the left. I’m pretty sure that should either be the Garden or not exist. But I won’t complain. The Celtics got some ink! Ray may be gone, but I’m excited to see Paul, KG, Rondo, and all the rest again in a couple months.

Go Celtics.

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