Terry Dodson’s Boston, as Seen in Avenging Spider-Man #9

Writers and artists often talk about how the setting of their story, whether it be Gotham, Hell’s Kitchen, or the blue area of the moon, becomes a character. A good book will teach the reader about these places, even if they’re fictional. So when Kelly Sue DeConnick and Terry Dodson’s Avenging Spider-Man #9 was going to take place above the skies of Boston, it was exciting. (The new Captain Marvel is one of the few Boston natives in comics, [Who else? Emma Frost?], so you take what you can get.)

Then I hit the following page:

Spider-Man and Captain Marvel Above the Zakim Bridge, BostonI’ve driven over that bridge, the Zakim, a thousand times. But if you were to ask me if there was water under it, I’d have said no. I’d have said, “Nope. Just some train tracks and Boston Sand and Gravel.”

I did a little Google mapping and sure enough. The Charles does in fact flow under the bridge. (Of course it does. How else would the Charles go west into Massachusetts?)

I would have liked to see the Garden in one of the backgrounds, but still, Terry Dodson, a dude from Oregon, has taught me something new about the city I grew up in. Yeah comics!

NOTE: Special thanks to Comic Book Resources. I stole their preview photo.

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