My (non)thoughts on Marvel Now! and Before Watchmen

So, the comics internet is all abuzz with this Marvel Now! stuff. I get it. It’s a big story. The Marvel publishing schedule and most readers pull lists will look very different when this is over.

Do I have opinions? Sure. But knee-jerk reactions aren’t good writing. They aren’t interesting to read. All I can say is “I’m excited to see where this goes.” No one cares if I have think it’s a good idea.

One of the reasons I don’t watch the news, one of the reasons I hate the news is because of how often I ask the question, “How does this affect my life?” San Diego fucks up their fireworks display? This does not affect me. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise break up? Unless she starts answering my phone calls, this does not affect me. Supreme Court makes a decision on health care? That affects me.

Today, no one cares if I think that All-New X-Men is a good idea. Or Uncanny Avengers. With that in mind, once the books actually start coming out, I’ll have something real to say. I can actually make recommendations on what to buy and what to burn. It may even be interesting to make a small post each week, when each new #1 comes out. I’m certainly not going to buy them all, but I can at least say why I didn’t buy them and my thoughts on the book if I did. Maybe you’ll care if I think it’s a good book. You know, when I’ve read it.

If you want to read about why it’s happening and what Marvel hopes to get from it, there’s plenty of press all over the regular sites. But I don’t have access to Alonso or Quesada or Brevoort. I can get you firsthand info. All I can bring are my opinions and I’d rather read the books before I offer those.

To follow up on a post from a couple months ago, yes, I’ve been buying everything Before Watchmen. My local shop put a little flyer in each subscription box with little checkboxes next to each title/creative team, to see what they should reserve. I didn’t even bother checking anything. I grabbed a Sharpie and wrote “ALL” over the info. Some books have been great (looking at you Darwyn). Some have been bad (looking at you Straczynski). I do want to write something about it all, but I’m waiting for the first issue of each book. Once Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan #1s come out, keep your eyes on this space.

TL;DR – I’m not dead. More news when it’s worth telling.

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