Thinking About … Wonder Woman’s Weight

Nits: Prepare to be picked.

She Weighs the Same as That Axe

165 pounds.

According to the backup materials in Justice League #5, Wonder Woman, Diana of Themyscira, Diana Prince, weighs 165 pounds.

No way.

I’m a skinny-jeans-wearing dude of average height. 5’10”, 160 pounds. Take me. Make me two inches taller. Then add muscles upon muscles. Like, peak of human possibility muscles. And breasts.

You think that weighs five pounds?

For comparison sake, let’s look at Aquaman’s stats, as told in the same book. 6’1″, 325 pounds. First, those are the same stats as Vince Wilfork (and they do not share a body shape). Second, that would mean a one inch height difference, but 160 lbs. He must carry a lot of water, right? Get it Aquaman? Water?


For further comparison, let’s look at athletes. A 6’1″ NBA player is going to be a guard. Probably a dude like Rajon Rondo [Ed. Note: GRAND THEFT RONDO!] who needs to be lean and quick, not strong. Rondo weighs 190 pounds. And Wonder Woman could kick his ass! Going back to the NFL, 6’1″ Chad Ochocinco? 190 pounds! How is she supposed to fill out, gain all that muscle and strength, but lose 30 pounds?

“But she’s a woman,” you say. OK, let’s find a female ass kicker – Gina Carano. American Gladiator. Mixed martial arts fighter. Not a bad reference point for Wonder Woman. 148 lbs. at only 5’8″. And skinny. Give her the right build, add four inches (and two cup sizes), but only 12 pounds. Good luck.

I’m not saying this is some fanboy wish fulfillment of some tall, beautiful, lightweight woman. I just think if you’re going to do something as unnecessary as giving heights and weights for your characters, they should be plausible.

Maybe she’s a freak of nature. Maybe she lifts herself off the scale a little at weigh-in.

Maybe I’m just thinking too hard about this.

Probably the latter.

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