Phonogram – The Immaterial Girl


Forgive me. I may be (am) a few whiskey and gingers deep at this point of the night. But I couldn’t resist posting this as soon as possible.

So on Wednesday, I was excited at the possibility of a new series of Phonogram. Well, it’s been officially announced.

November 2012 – Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl.

Phonogram - The Immaterial GirlBased on existing information and conversations I’ve had with Kieron Gillen, it’s based on Emily Aster (der) and the idea of identity. To anyone who sees the above teaser or has read Phonogram 2: The Singles Club #3: “We Share our Mother’s Health”, this comes as no big surprise. It’ll revolve around Emily (above, left) and her previous identity, Claire (above, right). Also, Emily loves Lady Gaga.

I couldn’t be more excited.

Get excited!

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