Thinking About … Too Many Captains

This Is What You Just Did

OK … just a short one to lodge a complaint.

Attn: Marvel Comics
Re: Captain America

Hey Marvel,

1) In the past few years, you’ve made me a big fan of Captain America. Between Mark Millar’s Ultimates and Ed Brubaker’s two, soon to be three, books in the franchise, and last summer’s great movie,  I’ve enjoyed his adventures for going on six years now.

2) I’ve heard a number of complaints about your tendency to ship books more rapidly than every four weeks. The past few months have had double ships of a number of books I read including Thunderbolts and X-Factor. I am not the rest of the public. I like this. The more issues you release, the more stories of Madrox, Songbird and all the rest I get to read. My wallet can handle it. And if the art stays consistent, I have no complaints.

To that point, Kev Walker and Declan Shalvey perfectly compliment each other on Thunderbolts. Yes, you can tell the difference, but neither feels out of place. X-Factor has been similar, switching from Valentine De Landro, Emanuela Lupacchino, and Leonard Kirk. I have preferences, but everyone meshes well. And it helps keep the book coming out.

3) BUT … this week you shipped two copies of Captain America. Issues #5 and 6 hit my subscription box on the same day. Steve McNiven is not a fast artist. That is why Alan Davis will be drawing the second arc of the book; I understand this. So … if you’re trying to keep the schedule regular, why throw away four weeks of lead time? No one would have a problem if #5 came out Wednesday and #6 a month from now. Or even three weeks. One issue every four weeks, by the same artist as the rest of the arc keeps everyone happy. Space out the releases – keep the book on track.

4) Speaking of Steve McNiven not being very fast – he couldn’t even draw the whole of his five issues. So … did you find someone with a complimentary style? NO! You got Giuseppe Camuncoli to draw six pages. I like Camuncoli, but is art is in no way similar to McNiven’s. He didn’t even get a specific scene, just some random pages toward the end of the book. And they stick out terribly. Whomp whomp. Fail.

5) I don’t blame McNiven for this. I don’t blame Camuncoli. I blame the editors who decided McNiven needed help. I blame the editors who specifically chose Camuncoli. And I blame the people who scheduled two issues of one book in one week. In a few months, when McNiven needs some help again, just look to Wednesday December 28 as where you lost four weeks.

Just saying,

NOTE: Yes, there was also an issue of Captain America and Bucky that shipped this week, but that is its own book, so I have no problem.

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