Thinking About … Too Many Captains FOLLOW UP!


Did you guys go to the comic shop today? Yeah, me too.

Did you see this on the shelf?

Captain America #7

Two weeks after I complained about Marvel shipping two issues of Captain America in one day, we get another issue. That averages out to an issue a week for three weeks. Or for those keeping track – a loss of six weeks of lead time.

Some possibilities:
– Alan Davis has had his work in the can for a while and the more issues they send out, the more money they make. (The first part of this is the possibility, the second part is a definite.)
– Marvel needs to crank these issues out so the story can line up with something in another book. AvX, perhaps?

I understand both of these options, but the next arc better ship on time. I’m not sure if it’s going to be McNiven on art again (I hope it will be), but you need to plan for those issues too.

Not awesome.

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