I’m gonna stop bitching and just post when I want to post. I don’t need to be profound every day. If I wanna say something, I’m going to, when it’s fresh.

First … I met Craig Thompson!

You should all read his book Blankets if you haven’t. And Good-bye Chunky Rice. He’s a great cartoonist. and he just came out with a new book called Habibi. (Habibi is an Arabic word, a non-sexual term of endearment, like friend or darling. Use it at home!)

Last Wednesday, on his 36th birthday, he had an event at a theater in Harvard Square. He showed some of his drafts for the book, talked some, then took Q&A. Even though I showed up 15 minutes late (damn traffic!) it was great. Then he signed my book and did a sketch of Dodola for me.

Dodola from Habibi

I wish I had brought my copy of Blankets too.

I expected him to be more shy, maybe more self-important, but he was just a nice guy. I told him how I’ve given Blankets to girlfriends and even my mom (she liked it) and asked him if he ever thought of working in color (he likes black and white, but is considering having someone color one of his future books).

Then I complimented his vest and left.

It was good.

Man, I love parentheticals.

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