DC’s New 52: Week 3

She's the Red Angel of the Night

Batwoman #1Book of the Week: Batwoman #1 by J. H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman

C’mon. This would have had to be a trainwreck for this to not be the book of the week. Hell, book of the month.

Good artists alter their style depending on the book or the story. J. H. Williams III alters his art to the scene. I counted some seven styles: Batwoman vs. La Llarona, Kate at the Police Station, Kate and Bette training, Chase, Kate with her father, plus those in the middle of spreads or flashbacks. And the layouts are just as varied. Some gutters bleed down the page, some fit together in perfect little boxes, some are bats, some are birds. Williams just thinks on another level.

It’s sad that Rucka dropped off the title, but Williams and his co-writer Haden Blackman turn in a great script and don’t miss a beat.

Now I get into the typical Bells “person behind the mask” theme. Yes Batwoman has a creepy new villain (without resorting to terrible violence *cough cough* Geoff Johns). But she also has familial conflicts and a burgeoning love life. In cape comics, you can assume that they will win the day against a criminal, but they could always break up with their girlfriend or lose a job. Think about Peter Parker. He’s been known to lose both.

I won’t know how a new reader will respond to this until I force someone to read it, but even to someone well familiar with the story, there are some nice questions raised here. Where’s Renee Montoya? How long til we see Alice again? What’s Mr. Skullface’s deal with Batwoman and Chase?

I could go deeper, but I don’t really want to. I want you to read this. Go. Spend the three bucks. Then hunt down the Rucka/Williams Detective Comics issues.

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