That’s What I’m Talking About – Geoff Johns on Secret Identities

As a blogger, I’m constantly looking for things to talk about on here that aren’t just a retread of something 90 other people are talking about. They may have more background or smarter angles, so what am I bringing to the table? I could say the same things, but I’d just end up …

My name isn't Flash. It's Barry. Mister Allen if you're nasty.Well … yeah. But everyone once in a while, a creator or critic says something that is just so spot on that I don’t need to add anything. So with that, I give you the first That’s What I’m Talking About.

In last week’s review of Amazing Spider-Man, I applauded Dan Slott’s efforts to spend some time on Peter Parker’s home life. Today, I read the following:

“Barry Allen’s life is as a member of the CSI. That’s really important to him as a character and I wanted that to be front and center in the book because most of the time the life outside of the costume is never seen anymore. … When I wrote [the first arc], I wanted to make sure that Barry’s life outside of the Flash was affecting the story and was as important to his life as his life is inside the costume. I think some of that secret identity and the supporting cast and the lives of heroes outside of their costumes and how that affects the story has been lost. Most of the characters never come out of the costume anymore. They don’t have a regular life that they return to each night. I wanted to get back to, like you said, presenting “The Flash” as a bit of an old school book because I don’t know if there is another superhero out there that takes his secret identity so seriously.” – Geoff Johns in a recent interview with CBR.


2 thoughts on “That’s What I’m Talking About – Geoff Johns on Secret Identities

    • You’ve got the Mark Millar drop in for a year, one huge story kind of writer and the Ed Brubaker multi-year epic story. Johns is the latter. I think I prefer that. My favorite runs of his, Flash and Teen Titans, benefit from the evolution over the storylines.

      I get your point, though. It would be interesting to know if he has any smaller, maybe even creator-owned, ideas.

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