Five Things To Do at NYCC

It’s days away now, but with the entire Javitz center filled with fanboys and otaku, you really need a gameplan. Here are five things I wouldn’t miss this weekend.

5) Podcast Alley – I listen to four comics podcasts: Comic Geek Speak, IGN Comics Smash, Word Balloon, and 4th Letter’s Fourcast. While Comic Geek Speak is the only one of those at the con in an official, exhibiting capacity, NYCC has given a good dozen podcasters their own area on the floor. Like sex, comics are so much better as a community activity than a solo one. Meet your favorite hosts and buy some swag from them to help support their show (which they probably offer for free).

4) Free Stuff – I won’t deny it. I love walking around the con seeing who’s giving what away. Free books are a good way for smaller publishers to get their name out, so you can often find sampler issues or even full comics by a creator trying to get their name out there.

DC always puts out a nice selection of new books, posters, pins, and recently rings (Lantern, Flash, etc.). Last year, Marvel also had giveaway hours that included hardcovers, toys, apparel and even some art. Careful of those crowds though. A tip: send a small child to the front of the crowd. The giveaway guy is always a sucker for kids.

3) Speed Dating – Do you want to tell the best story at your next party? The same group that hosted speed dating at the recent Star Wars Celebration (“Lookin’ for love in Alderaan places” is the best tagline I’ve ever heard.) is back! Spend two hours: The worst that could happen is you don’t make a connection. The best that could happen is you meet someone who likes to dress up like Sailor Moon (or Tuxedo Mask). Pre-registration has closed, but you can still register at Room 1A20 on Friday or Saturday. I don’t want no one to get too excited, but I’ll be there Saturday from 2-4.

2) The Cultyard – Now this is something I haven’t seen in the past. I’d describe the Cultyard as a corral of urban artist. Here, art can mean fashion, toys, animation, anything. It’s more hipster than nerd, but with comics “becoming more mainstream,” maybe the groups are blurring. One specific artist I want to mention is Tara McPherson. She did a recent Women in Comics event at my local shop, where she sketched a nice piece for me:Sketch by Tara McPherson

The scan doesn’t do justice to the pencil work, but you get the idea. And speaking of sketches …

1) ART! – I’ve said before that my favorite part of convention is meeting artists and getting sketches. Let’s see a few pieces that I got last year:

Batman by Rags MoralesBlue Beetle by FancoEcho by David MackRobin by Todd NauckWonder Girl by Franco

Batman by Rags Morales, Blue Beetle by Franco, Echo by David Mack, Robin by Todd Nauck and Wonder Girl by Franco.

So yeah, lots of art. Some people will do a quick sketch for free. Some charge for more involved pieces, but where else can you get custom art like that? And sketchbooks area great thing to show off when someone scans your shelves.

The con begins in four days.

See you there!

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